Marketing Professional Services


PDR Training consists exclusively of small group, hands-on workshops, as participants come away with the actual skills they’ll need to improve their marketing, and the personal confidence to apply those skills.  Topics include:

  • Lead-Finding

How to identify early leads for new project opportunities, and comfortably get in the door, to initiate a quality relationship with a new client.

  • Cultivating Client Relationships

Just as you know within minutes on a first date whether or not there will be a second date, you’ll learn a series of procedures for cultivating strong, positive relationships with new clients … and for sustaining those relationships for years.

  • Writing Winning Proposals

Most proposals are … booooring!  Here’s a unique way for creating proposals that your clients will actually want to read – and which increase their desire to hire you.

  • Conducting Winning Presentations

Death is usually listed as our fifth biggest fear.  Number one is public speaking.  Learn how to design and deliver a presentation that’s comfortable for you, comfortable for your client, and that causes them to want to hire you to do their work.

  • Maximizing new work from key clients.

Some larger firms realized that “chasing jobs” was simply not as profitable or as comfortable as focusing on clients they value most.  Here, you’ll learn a system that causes a client organization to provide you with a flow of work, for years.

While “The Mandeville Techniques” technically focus on creating a professional-client trust relationship, clients typically refer to all aspects of relationship-based marketing as “Mandeville.”  For many firms, all staff above a specific level are required to know these processes, because (1) the firm’s marketing success is better, and (2) the processes reflect a professional attitude that the firm wants to have as part of its culture … “Here’s how we approach and work with our clients.”

Workshops vary from one to three days, depending of the goals of a specific firm.  Some clients have everyone learn the “basics” in a one day workshop that’s offered once or twice a year, then offer the presentation or proposal workshops as a new group of people need those skills.  In many instances, these workshops become part of a firm’s in-house “university,” and mesh with other development efforts.

The best way to determine what works best for your firm:  Phone (757) 868-5500.  Ask for Stu Rose or Trina Duncan.  We’ll do some listening, to understand your goals.  Then we’ll suggest a workshop program that makes the most sense for you.