Organization Development


  • Management Facilitation Techniques

Managers in professional firms are constantly required to lead teams … for project work or for efforts affecting the firm.  In this 2-day hands-on training workshop, managers learn and apply many different methods, for use in different situations.  Some facilitation methods help groups generate more and better ideas.  Some help groups prioritize.  Some help groups – even large groups – achieve a true consensus decision in a reasonably short amount of time.  Some methods can even be used in multiple-office situations, in which the group is spread about the planet.

  • Instructional Methods

Larger firms often organize internal training programs, in which senior members teach junior members.  In this 2-day hands-on training workshop, instructors learn alternatives to lecturing that enhance the learning attained by their students.  Instructional methods alternatives help participants in actual hands-on, skill-building practice sessions, so their new skills are “internalized” – are a part of them as much as riding a bike or driving a car become second nature.  The methods also make the learning experience more interesting, challenging, and stimulating.